Friday, September 10, 2010

Oxford lace-ups for ladies

If I was to go shoe shopping this fall, I would definitely be in the market for some menswear-inspired shoes.

I really like Nine West's "Almund" ($89) for their oxford with a kick look:

I also like the MIA Girl "Siebert Oxford" ($49.95):
Also crazy cute is Impo's "Tany Oxford Bootie" ($39.95):

Socks and heels: Proceeding with caution

So, socks with high heels... I want to try this trend--though obviously it will take great thought to choose the socks and heels--but am I too old to pull it off? Some bloggers are labeling this in the "do not attempt if over 25" category, and I'm 27. Close enough?

Just in case, I'm doing some sock research. These cross hearts ankle socks ($6) are adorable though I think I would feel more comfortable pairing heels with these floral lace anklet socks ($4.80).  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook helps me clean my closet of 5 mistakes

I become a bit too attached to things, and my closet suffers for it. I might want to wear this again. What if I give it away and the perfect occasion for it comes up? What then? Well... I would wear something else. End of story. Except I have some difficulty leaving it at that, which is why I've started doing some Facebook research on possible give-away items. The results are a bit frightening. Mind you, I've lost some weight since many of these pictures were taken but still... What was I thinking?

1.) This apple-printed shirt from Forever 21 is way too young for me. This was taken in 2007, and the shirt was still in my wardrobe until a few weeks ago when I had the epiphany that what might have been cute at 24 is not acceptable at 27. 

Actual, Not Hypothetical Purchases

Even though I am reformed, I realized that I actually needed a new fall jacket. I caught this one on sale today for $20 at Old Navy. I'm really liking the color gray right now. I was actually looking for the utility jacket in olive green, but it looks like that color is sold out both in store and on-line. Then, in an admittedly unplanned move, I also found this sweater on sale. So soft and peachy and pretty! It's okay, since I am doing a major overhaul of the closet and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.