Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook helps me clean my closet of 5 mistakes

I become a bit too attached to things, and my closet suffers for it. I might want to wear this again. What if I give it away and the perfect occasion for it comes up? What then? Well... I would wear something else. End of story. Except I have some difficulty leaving it at that, which is why I've started doing some Facebook research on possible give-away items. The results are a bit frightening. Mind you, I've lost some weight since many of these pictures were taken but still... What was I thinking?

1.) This apple-printed shirt from Forever 21 is way too young for me. This was taken in 2007, and the shirt was still in my wardrobe until a few weeks ago when I had the epiphany that what might have been cute at 24 is not acceptable at 27. 

2.) The most recent picture of the bunch, I felt sure that this Forever 21 shirt was a keeper--until I saw this picture. That color does nothing for my complexion! 

3.) My trip to Las Vegas a few years back was a sartorial disaster. Here I am next to a wax figure of Meryl Streep in some pretty terrible pants and a too-thin for my light colored bra Charlotte Russe top. The pants were already given away a few months ago, but today I realized that there is never going to be a moment where this top is going to rock my world. 

4.) This is also Vegas, but the self-tanner makes me think it's a different trip than pictured above. This purple top has also been hanging in my closet for years. Why? Oh, the humanity!

5.) Another top that almost made the cut until photographic evidence showed me the light. This looks fine on the hanger, but obviously it does not work on me. The color is all wrong! It might fit a little better now, but my skin color has not changed. 

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