Monday, August 23, 2010

Ten Things I Would Buy from Ebay's World of Good

Ebay has a page called World of Good where you can buy items "ethically sourced, fair trade, and eco-friendly gifts and goods" from around the world. I love when shopping also benefits a good cause.  Here are a few standout items...

1.) I love the colors in these earrings from Indonesia:

2.) I'm in a green mood because I am also digging this pretty shoulder bag from Peru:
 3.) Continuing the green love, this is a fantastic hand-painted vase from Thailand:
4.) Adore the cute little elephants on this cuff bracelet from Thailand:
5.) Back in the green, with these martini glasses from Mexico:

6.) I like small bowls because they just seem to come in handy. This sweet little bowl is made from recycled glass and made here in the USA:

7.) I've been thinking that I should have an apron for those rare times when I do something domestic. I have a hard time choosing between this cute orange one (which reminds me of a giraffe a little bit) and the equally awesome green one (both Indonesian):

8.) Silk and cashmere. Mmmmm. Wraps are fantastic for glam occasions like weddings and trips to the theatre. A basic black wrap from India in totally luxurious fabric is making my brain salivate. How is that possible? I don't know. I'm not a scientist! 

9.) Since winter seems to feel the need to show up every year, I think the best we can do is be prepared with great accessories. Which cough medicine is it that used the red scarf imagery? The commercial seems to have stuck with me, even if the name is escaping me. At any rate, this cherry red scarf from Peru seems like a nice winter pick-me-up: 
10.) I went through hundreds of pairs of earrings with three specifications in mind: silver, simple, and unlike the jewelry at the mall. It seemed like it was never going to happen, but somehow I found these silver flame earrings from Mexico. They kind of look like something I imagine a super hero would wear. 
...and that is it for this installation. I really like the accessories from around the world idea. It makes it much less possible that you're going to show up at a party with the same thing as someone else. 

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