Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How do you wear your pearls?

I love pearls. To me, they are the great style equalizer. You can spend $4 or $4,000 and get pretty much the same effect. It doesn't matter if they're real or fake. Coco Chanel wore fakes, so I simply ask myself, "Do I think I am better than Coco Chanel?" The answer is no, so I figure that, if fake pearls were good enough for her, they are good enough for me. Pearls, to me, are imbued with a sense of celebrity glamour. So, in shopping for pearls, it can be helpful to look to gain some inspiration from icons. How do you wear your pearls?

The Holly Golightly way: Okay, so this may come as a bit of a shock, but... Audrey Hepburn rarely wore pearls. Most of the time she kept her necklines pretty straightforward and unadorned. She did, however, wear them as Holly Golightly in the 1961 classic Breakfast at Tiffany's . It was pretty difficult to find an inexpensive option that looks anything like Holly's necklace. This set (with matching earrings) for $21.99 was the best option I found:

The Jackie Kennedy way: 3 strands of slightly varying (but still relatively short) length, keeping it ladylike and classy. White gloves optional. This set is on ebay starts the bidding at $19.99. It was actually more difficult to find this Jackie-esque set than I would have imagined--for cheap, anyway.

The Carrie Bradshaw way: Lots and lots of pearls! You're really getting your $24.99's worth with these layered strands of faux pearls.

The Classic June Cleaver/Neo-Classic Scarlet Johannson way: A single strand of pearls is a classic look. I already have one, but if I didn't I could get this one on ebay for $3.99.

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