Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding Registry Indecision

I got engaged over the holidays, so now I get to register for items for our future home. Unfortunately, not everything that I come across can actually make it to the registry. For example, I learned that my fiance hates the combination of green and gold. That kills my hydrangea wall decor and these throw pillows. Also, I love this sea glass lamp but really don't have anywhere to put it yet. (Maybe the bedroom?) Lastly, my casual china is green polka dots so are these blue polka dots too much for our daily use? Plus I want more of a light blue kitchen and these are a medium blue. Oh, indecision...

Hydrangea Bouquet Wall Decor at Pier 1 (Clearance $29.98)

Sea Glass Lamp at Pier 1 ($39.99)

Gold Velvet Pillow and New Green Velvet Pillow  at Pier 1 ($29.95)

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